Get to Know About The Apple Dove Agro

We build first-mile fruit & veg supply chain solutions that deliver higher incomes for farmers and quality produce for food buyers. We also connect farmers with innovative agronomic and post-harvest service and technology providers.
1). We have a holistic approach to the numerous problems faced by India’s agricultural sector and are building close links with partners that provide innovative solutions to these problems. Our ecosystem model enables our partners to come together and optimize synergies between their products.
2). Most importantly, our ecosystems are designed to operate as decentralized farm-level hubs enabling farmers to directly benefit from increased productivity, reduced losses and higher prices.
3). Our hubs facilitate supply chain integration between farmers and stakeholders such as food processors, exporters, retailers and caterers.
4). We also care deeply about the environmental sustainability of our solutions and are promoting use of renewable energy and agricultural practices that preserve water, soil and biodiversity.

Our Vision

Not only providing pre-harvest and post-harvest solutions. We cater to the needs of fruit growing and management as well. Enabling the growers to have the opportunity of getting a good value of their fruit.

Our Mission

At Apple Dove Agro, we believe our industry can do 4 times more than we are currently doing. By providing the most modern technologies we want to achieve International Quality and Quantity in fruit Production, storage, and transportation.

Apple DoveAgro

Inspired By The  Excellence & Innovation

Apple Dove Agro is a Supply Chain company providing end to end solution to its customers. Our vision is to add value to our growers and customers by providing them with Storage, Grading & Packing, Refrigerated Transportation, Procurement, Pre-Post Harvest Consultation & Marketing & Distribution Solutions. We provide a range of supply chain solutions for our customers strengthening their supply chains from farm to fork.